The JSTOTT Technique shirt and Snapback hat was inspired by playing tennis at the Phillips Park tennis courts. Growing up at the park, everyone throws their rackets, and they havea style of doing it.  Either the "punt" or the "body slam," everyone throws them.  I know this is frowned upon in most country clubs, but it's part of the game.  Breaking a racket is sort of a rite of passage at Phillips Park.  Everyone will do it out there since it's the most competitive playing envirnment; it's just a question of what technique they will use to smash it.  Fun thing is, you don't have to be a tennis player to throw a racket.  Anybody can learn a fun technique on their own, you don't need to pay some expensive pro at a club to teach you how to throw it.  I think the shirt is a contradiction.  Tennis is thought to be a "proper" or a "gentleman's game" when in reality, out in the public parks, the streets, colleges and pro tennis, it's a game where there is tones of trash talking between opponents, fans going crazy, people's reputations on the line and it gets physical.  You aren't thinking about technique when all you are trying to do is win the match for yourself or for your school or for your friends.  But if you go to any country club, everything is about "technique..."  So this is kind of a shot at them.  Technique only gets you so far, your commitment and passion will get you farther.  It's a fun, emotional shirt.  

The G.I JSTOTT shirt is a vintage patriotic shirt that students could wear for our annual COL U.S. Doubles tournament.  The design really kicked off as many people saw the graffiti on the shirt as many different images where they could wear the shirt not only on the tennis court, but in school, working out, running or traveling.  It really is a fun, vintage shirt that comes out at you and can be worn in any environment, just like all JSTOTT apparel.  

The JSTOTT Orange Crush shirt is as classic and vintage as you get.  It is very faded, relaxed and the material is incredibly soft.  For a day at the beach, going to school, going hiking, running, hanging with friends at the beach or park, traveling or playing sports, this is the shirt for you.   You definitely will get noticed wearing the JSTOTT Orange Crush.  

The JSTOTT Signature Hoodie has a very soft, light feel to it and can be worn in any environment.  Going to class, running, going to the mall, playing sports or just relaxing, this is the hoodie for you.  

All JSTOTT apparel has the signature logo on it.  Thanks much for representing.