Your style, your fashion, your clothes, define your identity.  It's your presentation to the world.  It’s your unique way of wearing something that can identify you in a crowd and a way for you to stand out.  Dressing fresh and feeling good resonates through JSTOTT apparel and it’s an expression of yourself, a lifestyle and a boldness of something unique and different.  Your wardrobe is important because it represents where you are from and what you are all about—your identity. 

 JSTOTT represents the classic, but hand-made feel and look.  JSTOTT apparel makes a statement in how you feel, and it’s a brand that the everyday person can connect to.  In popular culture, it’s expected to dress a certain way, and most of that is unattainable to the normal person in cost.  Plus, it doesn’t reflect your own community, and the person cannot identify to the clothing.   With JSTOTT apparel whatever you are into, JSTOTT will appeal to you, as it’s vintage, funk, retro and graffiti all in one.  You make JSTOTT apparel anything you want it to be, and it’s a brand you can relate to. 

 Thanks for stopping by and representing.